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The Limitless Mompreneur Network

  • Join a small group of mompreneurs where you are able to learn, develop and grow from.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses within yourself and your business.

  • Start a 60 day commitment to turn around your business, develop new systems, and start earning more revenue.

  • Receive bi-weekly mastermind coaching calls with Dr. Stephannie and your club members where you are all able to start implementing a growth mindset within yourself, and turn around your business problems.

  • Weekly accountability check ins with other club members to ensure success within your business. 

Why are Mastermind Groups So Important?

Mastermind groups are important because they are created with one goal in mind, and that is YOUR SUCCESS!  The purpose of a mastermind group is for each member to give, receive, partner, grow, and conquer! Birds cannot fly on one wing, and you should not believe that you can grow your business by yourself!

Benefits of joining a Mastermind Group:

  • Learn from like minded business owners!

  • Have access to their network

  • Save on costly mistakes

  • Be held accountable for your business actions

  • Grow more revenue within your business faster

  • Possibly start a joint venture

  • So much more!

What Makes Dr. Stephannie's Mastermind Club Different?

  • You will have direct one to one coaching included with your mastermind group.

  • You will be guided during this process so that you do not feel lost or overwhelmed while growing your business.

  • Gain valuable tips on Branding your business, and positioning yourself as an expert within your field.

  • From day one you will focus on building your audience.

  • You will receive a 1 hour breakthrough strategy session with Dr. Stephannie where you will learn what you need to keep, grow, or eliminate within your business.

  • You will have access to our secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, or share your success with other members of the circle.

  • Learn tips on how to outsource certain tasks within your business for as low as $5 per task/ or hour, this includes website development, logos, and flyers.

  • As a group you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, and land into the growth zone!

Is this Mastermind Club open to everyone?

In order to ensure the full success of our mastermind members this network is only open to the committed individuals.  80% of success is just showing up, the other 20% is putting in the work. This Mastermind Group requires full attendance and full participation in order for you to grow and be successful within your business. This is why applicants are interviewed before they are accepted into the Mastermind Program.  The group is limited to 10 participants each cycle.

Can't I just Google this information?

Google has a wealth of information, but it cannot give you someone's direct experience from their own mouth. For example you can Google and research how Bill Gates was able to grow to be so wealthy, but you will not be able to hear ALL of the challenges and everything that Bill Gates experienced unless you speak to him directly. This same thing holds true to this mastermind group, you will be able  to learn and hear the challenges of running a business directly from your peers.  You can listen to how they were able to overcome certain things, how they deal with different clients, employees  etc.  You will be able to get a real business person's perspective of your business.






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