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Level Up Power Coaching

It is time to Position yourself to be Powerful!


Have you thought of starting a business, but may not have the funds or time?


Are you in business but you are still struggling to gain or keep clients?


Is your business generating steady income but you are still struggling financially?


Are your customers only buying your products when you have a sale?


                          Then It is Time!!


It's time to position yourself for greatness.  Everyone has problems when they start in business, trust me you are not alone!





You are the only one:


That has the vision!

That can change your mindset!

That can make a powerful shift!


I will ensure you make that Powerful Shift Today!


Who am I?


I am a mutli-passionate entrepreneur that enjoys helping people live life to thier fullest potential! I believe that there is an inner conqueror in all of us, we just have to believe it!  I have many years experience as an entrepreneur. I started my first business in 2007 in the basement of Grandfather's home, and by 2011 it had generated a quarter of a million dollars in revenue. 


With my experience as as entrepreneur I can give you the real non textbook version of what it really means to be in business for yourself. I come from the University of  Hard Knocks and I graduated with honors! I do not claim to hold an MBA, or a BA, but I was so successful with my entrepreneurship, I was awarded an Honaray Doctorates Degree because of my dedication and hard work into building a business from the ground up, and influencing people lives for the past 10 years. 


What can you learn from my story?


You will understand that Failure is Success. There is no way you can get to success without failing, so embrace it as part of the process and look at it as a learning curve.  I have failed many times, I have lost money, my home, my cars, and my business.  Through it all I never gave up because I knew it was something to learn from the process. The only time you fail is when you quit.


You will also know that in the beginning of your business venture, YOU are your biggest cheerleader.   Everyone will not understand your vision, nor should you expect them to.  No one could understand why I wanted to open up the business I did. When they saw that I was growing and making a great living off of that business, they started to ask me how!


There is wealth outside of your comfort zone! You are holding yourself back, living in a comfortable cocoon. You are a butterfly that is meant to fly and see the world! i held myself back to the point I lost everything, I will push you to the limit so you do not have to experience the same heartbreak I did. 

What will I receive with this Level Up Coaching Program?


This Level up coaching program is an intense one to one program with great emphasis on growth and expansion of your business. Many entrepreneurs are very talented and passionate about their business, but get lost within the technical aspect of launching, developing and maintaining.  It can be very hard to run your business especially when you wear all of the hats!


Level Up Coaching will include:

  • Your First session will be a 4 hour session where we will do a complete overhaul of your business, this will include a review of your Website, Branding, Business Plan, Finances etc.  In order to start growth we have to look at the whole business, not just an aspect. This will take place either at your business location or one of my downtown NYC offices. If you are not located within NYC I am available to fly out to your location. 

  • Public relation tips in order to start positioning your business as a leading brand in the market.

  • 5 one hour 1:1 implementation coaching sessions to start developing new systems within your business, so your business can start working on its own.

  • You will learn my G.A.T.E. way method to start getting more done in your business in a less amount of time, which will equal to more revenue, less stress.

  • You will learn how to balance your social media platforms without feeling overwhelmed.

  • We will start implementing different strategies to start expanding new programs within your business that can generate more streams of revenue from your 1 business. 

  • So much more!

How Do I Apply For the Level Up Coaching Program?

In order to be considered for the Level Up Coaching program you must complete the coaching questionnaire, in order for Dr. Stephannie to get a clear in depth overview of your business. 

Dr. Stephannie only works with a small group of clients at a time, to ensure that each client is able to receive full value from this

program. Spaces in this program fills up extremely fast and it is very limited.  If you would like to be considered for the Level Up Coaching Program please fill out the contact us form and Dr. Stephannie or her team members will follow up with you. 

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