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Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga Coaching Products

Transition From Part-Time Hustle to Full-Time CEO (replay) $97

In this training, you will learn step by step 5 strategies you must have in place BEFORE you leave your full-time job! Everyone wants to leave and be a boss, but in order to do that effectively, you must have your plan in order.  By the time you are finished with this training you will have an effective plan you can implement right away to leave your job, you will also have a clear understanding of whether you are ready to leave your job, and last but not least you will know whether your plan will generate enough profit for you to leave! Take this training now! 

Wix Website Training 101 $49.99

This is a step by step training to teach you how to develop a beautiful website yourself, without having any technical training.  I break things down for you in different modules, each module is approximately 10 mins long.  By the end of this training, you will know how to create a beautiful website from scratch using Wix.

How to Generate Profits From Other People Facebook Groups $49.99


In this training, I teach you step by step how I was able to quickly generate profits from other people facebook group, without spamming or stepping on the leadership toes.  There is a specific way to generate profits from other people facebook group, and in this training, I show you everything from A-Z. If you are posting without getting results, if your posts are being deleted by the admins in the Fb groups then you need to take this training! 

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