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Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga


Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga is a highly sought out speaker for many different organizations.  

She has the great ability to capture the audience attention, and leave them with a life transformational impact. Her life goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to maximize on their dream! Dr. Stephannie believes that everyone has an inner conqueror in all of us, we just have to wake it up!

If you need someone to motivate your group or to host a workshop, Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga is the right person to book for your next event!  As a Us Army Veteran and through her life experience of being an entrepreneur/ mompreneur she has experienced all levels and setbacks that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis! Her knowledge comes solely from the University of Hard Knocks!

Dr. Stephannie great speaking point are:

  • Build Your Business Brand Like a Boss

  • Pitch to Win

  • Don't Forget to Love Yourself Too!

  • What is Your Life Calling?

Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga is willing and able to customize or create any workshop that your company may need.


Dr. Stephannie schedule books fast! Please click the link below to secure your date!

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