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5 Mistakes Mompreneurs Make! Stop It Now!

As a mother and a business owner AKA mompreneur you may have a pretty big to-do list every single day. Between the tugging from your business and the pulling from your family, it isn't a surprise that your are tired and feeling overwhelmed. I have been coaching mompreneurs for over 5 years now, chances are you are overwhelmed and tired because of these 5 mistakes I am going to list below! #4 is one of the worst offenders of all! Lets jump to it!

You are pouring from an empty cup!

Of course this is a figure of speech! But for real, you are not ensuring that you are taking care of yourself, therefore you are giving from an empty cup. The main excuse I here from a mompreneur is "I don't have time" or "There is not enough time in a day" If you continue to think this way then you won't have enough time, but if you sit down and take an account of what you are truly doing in the day you will see that you do have the time! Trust me I am not judging I was a repeat offender of this exact very thing! Here is how I fill my cup:

1) I pray

2) I read

3) I meditate

All of these things take me about 30 minutes everyday. 10 mins for each thing. I have had anxiety for a long time and these things keep me grounded. One thing I had to realize is that if I am out of whack so is my family and business. I can not give my business or family my best if I am not giving myself my best! Your cup filling things may be different, it could be reading a fiction book, painting your nails, talking to a good friend, etc. WHatever you need to do to fill your cup on the daily basis, do it! You deserve it, and so does your family and business!

Fall In Love With Saying No!

You do not have to say yes to everything! I know I get it you want to network, and you want to be every place at one time. The reality is, you should practice saying no more. The more you say no to some things you are now able to gain clarity on what really matters and what does not. Before you say yes to one more thing I want you to ask yourself these 3 things:

1) How does this serve me or my business?

2) Is this worth taking time away from my family?

3) Does this align with my business or family goals?

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is not only eating healthy although that is a super duper important. It is also keeping up with your doctor appointments, making sure you go and set up your GYN, and regular physicals. Your family and your business needs you around. Early detection for any infection or disease is key, but if you constantly wait to only go to the doctor when you are in pain then you are losing your opportunity for early detection. Always remember your health is your wealth!!

Delegate at Home and in Business!

If your kids are old enough give them some chores! It helps to make them more responsible adults. If your kids are not old enough, split some of the chores with your husband, or hire a cleaning company. You can find great deals on groupon, plus you get to see reviews so you can choose your company wisely.

In business hire a Virtual Assistant! They will free up so much time for you in business. Instead of developing blogs, answering the phones, answering emails, they will take these task right off your hands and you will be able to focus on more income producing activities!

Get A Hobby!!!

It is imperative that you create a hobby for yourself! It gives you a chance to laugh, have fun, and take your mind off of things. Most of all it helps you to be in tune with what you like as a person. It helps you to not lose yourself in the midst of being an entrepreneur and a mother. Having a clear head allows you to be more creative because you are now relaxed, so be sure to incorporate a hobby into your schedule even if it is only once a month!

If you want more tips on how to manage your time as a mother and entrepreneur be sure to pick up this free toolkit The Ultimate Mompreneur Toolkit its free! In that toolkit you will recieve more detailed tips on how to effectively manage your work life and family life! Remember if you are unable to serve yourself first, you are not going to be able to serve any one else!

Dr. Stephannie L. Addo-Zuniga
Teaching mothers how to balance, strategize, and profit!

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